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Photograph: David Hill, Deep Hill Media


Of place?

Often the first question asked of me by someone viewing one of my paintings is,“Where did you paint that?” It’s a reasonable first response. It’s an easy entry into further consideration of the work and if the painting triggers a memory of place, it’s connecting on some level. From there, there is the possibility that the enquirer will wander further into the painting and, hopefully, share to some degree whatever it was that inspired me and caused me to interpret what I saw and felt.

Of course it’s largely left to the viewer to take from a painting what they will and I can only hope they find something of value in whatever interpretation they might make.

I considered the exhibition title, ‘Veranda to Venice’. The crass literation would have been irresistible were my paintings about place. But they are not. Even so, in response to that first question, I have been painting at a lot of my favourite haunts such as Capertee Valley, Wee Jasper, Nundle, Lake Lyell and of course my veranda in the Kanimbla Valley. In fact, this year the veranda has been a platform - pardon the pun - for a new invigorated exploration of my most familiar and beloved landscape. I have also found another wonderful veranda overlooking Kyle Bay. Further afield, I have paintings from my recent Royal Tour of SA, ACT and Sydney. Whilst overseas, I painted in England, Portugal, Holland, Belgium, Slovenia, Croatia and Italy.

Whether I am standing on the veranda at home or beside a Venetian canal, what really moves me to paint is the desire to render my response to the beauty around me.

Warwick Fuller
September 2016


Warwick Fuller Book - Impressions & Interpretations

Impressions & Interpretations

Warwick Fuller has painted the Australian landscape for over thirty-five years, during which time he has built a solid reputation for himself, with more than sixty solo exhibitions and numerous awards and accolades. In 2012, Fuller served as the Official Tour Artist for His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales and Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cornwall, during their tour of Australia. Four of his resulting paintings were acquired by the Prince and now reside in his private collection. At such a highpoint in his career, Fuller desired something “less ephemeral than the computer screen” to present his body of work. Decidedly not ready for a retrospective, the idea for a book was born: to interpret each painting in poetry. A reversal of the usual poetry-to-visual art genre, all that was missing was the poet. A chance mention of his idea to acclaimed ABC journalist Sean Murphy led to the shy disclosure of some of Murphy’s own, as yet unpublished, poetry. Impressions & Interpretations was underway.

Read complete book review by Caterina Leone.

Warwick Fuller and His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales and Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cornwall, Royal Tour 2012, image: David Foote - AUSPIC


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