About us

The Blue Mountains has long been a renowned centre of artistic activity, and as a longstanding arts venue, the Lost Bear Gallery has evolved into being one of the Blue Mountains’ major attractions for art lovers and visitors alike.

With its exciting collection of paintings, sculpture, ceramics and hand blown glass from a diverse combination of contemporary Australian artists who are at different stages of their respective careers, the Lost Bear Gallery is proud to be a leading destination for art in the Blue Mountains.

The mix is thoroughly eclectic; deftly curated into a cohesive ‘look’ while enhancing each artist’s originality and quality.

Lost Bear Gallery, formerly known as Katoomba Fine Art, opened in 2001 and has two distinctive spaces located in Katoomba.

The gallery is easily recognisable by the distinctive and larger-than-life polar bear standing proudly in front of the grand dwelling to inspire the gallery’s name.

Created by Ian Swift from steel and recycled plastic, the polar bear sculpture forms a quirky association by deftly linking environmental concerns with art; melting icebergs find a lonely polar bear left wandering and lost in Katoomba – a homeless polar bear in search of iceberg becomes lost in Katoomba and finds art.

The gracious building which once served as a convalescing home and guesthouse has been rejuvenated and extensively renovated and converted to a contemporary art gallery by owner and Lost Bear Gallery director and curator, Geoff White.

Its twelve airy rooms provide separate exhibiting spaces to display a diverse mix of fine art, with a large central space that plays host to regularly changing feature exhibitions and wide-ranging representations of contemporary artists.

An outdoor sculpture garden completes an unmissable gallery experience.

98 Lurline Street
Katoomba NSW Australia 2780
+(612) 4782 1220

Open daily

Monday – Friday: 10am – 3pm
Saturday: 10am – 6pm
Sunday: 10am – 4pm

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Other services on offer

Consultancy and advice in procurement of art

Geoff White works closely and discreetly with a stable of emerging and established contemporary artists as an art broker, agent and dealer.