Jacqueline Fowler

Jacqueline Fowler

Still life is alive and well.

Each chosen subject is a complete still-life: lighting gives drama, perhaps a bit of mystery or a feeling of stillness. The design is important for the eye to follow the light flow and stay involved.

I see the subject as a painting, making the light work for me, reflecting warmth or finding depth in the composition, giving cohesion, drawing the viewer’s eye along where the light touches, or just making colour the important element.

My painting life started with still-life lessons in the studio of Graham Moore, a respected Melbourne painter whose portraits were often accepted in the Archibald. Landscape work out with friends was always a joy, as was life-drawing and pastel with Ming McKay.

I put much thought into my compositions and painting techniques. Floral still-life works can be complex subjects that transcend modern fashions: they involve a painting that must work well as a whole and bring the viewer back time and time again, to enjoy the subtleties.

I hope the viewer feels the joy of the work.

Jacqueline Fowler


2014  Four man exhibition Steps Gallery, Melbourne.
2014  Half exhibition David Sumner Gallery, S.A.
2013  Solo Exhibition Wentworth Galleries, Sydney.
2012  Framed Gallery, Darwin. N.T.
2011  Solo exhibition Wentworth Galleries, Sydney.
2010  Half exhibition David Sumner Gallery, Adelaide.
2009  Solo exhibition Gallery at the Wentworth, Sydney.
2008  Half exhibition with David Sumner Gallery, Adelaide.
2006  Solo exhibition Adam Galleries, Melbourne.
2005  Solo exhibition Greenhill Galleries, Adelaide.
2004  Solo exhibition Adam Galleries, Melbourne.
2001  Solo exhibition Adam Galleries, Melbourne.
2001  Solo exhibition Boyd Galleries, NSW.
1999  Solo exhibition Boyd Galleries, NSW.
1994  Solo exhibition Adam Galleries, Melbourne.


2002 – 2012 Exhibiting with Twenty Melbourne Painters’ Society, Melbourne.
2009  Five women exhibition, Red Hill Gallery, Brisbane.
2008  ‘Women of Substance’ exhibition, Red Hill Gallery, Brisbane.
2006   ‘Melbourne & Country’, Adam Galleries, Melbourne.
2004  Group exhibitions at Stonecrop Fine Art Galleries.
2003  Exhibiting with Adam Galleries ‘A Survey of Women Artists’.
2000   ‘Women on the Move 1910-2000’ group exhibition at Adam Galleries, Melbourne.
Exhibition of Floral Painters at Spectrum Gallery.
1999  Exhibition at Adam Galleries, Melbourne; two-artist show.
1996  Exhibition at Adam Galleries, Melbourne, three-artist show.
1994  Group floral exhibition, Capricorn Gallery, Fitzroy.


2002  Ming MacKay Award (shared), Pastel Society. Pastel shown in June edition of Australian Artist Magazine. Invited to membership of ‘Twenty Melbourne Painters’ Society’.
2001  Article in Special Commemorative Edition of Australian Artist magazine. Award for pastel in Pastel Society of Victoria annual exhibition. Invitation to showcase a pastel with accompanying description in November edition of Pastel International Magazine
1998  Ming MacKay Award (shared), Pastel Society. Micador Award, Pastel Society of Victoria. Work chosen to be represented in American pastel competition.
1996  Best pastel, St.Kevins College, Toorak. Best Oil, Chirnside Park Rotary.
1995  Front cover and feature article in Australian Artist magazine, November edition.
1994  Best painting, Toorak College, Mt.Eliza.
Prior – Various awards and exhibitions over a thirty-year span, including second prize for oils in A.M.E. Bale Awards.