# Ann Morton Exhibition

Artist Statement

Finding elements that make me want to grab my paintbrush has been a life long
obsession. I see beauty from the natural world all around me, however, when it comes
to the man-made objects in my paintings, I have always found it much harder to come
across the textures, colours and forms that can make a composition sing. I would often go
back to the handmade lace and tarnished silver to express a closer human connection.
Greg Daly’s ceramics!
I added a couple of gem-like blue and green pots to my painting collection some 30
years ago, and they have glowed in the shadows or shouted in the foreground of many
of my paintings throughout the years.
It is wonderful working with Greg’s landscape-inspired ceramics and yet challenging to
capture the earthy textures and subtleties.
Greg’s ceramics meld with the generally home grown and perfectly flawed fruit and
flowers in my paintings, to create beauty and intricacies that intrigue and draw the
observer into the painting.

Ann Morton

about the artist

Ann Morton grew up in Cowra, NSW. She commenced painting at the age of 9 and by 12 she was painting still life works for three separate galleries. Morton has since been accepted into prestigious awards such as the Archibald Portrait Prize, the Doug Moran Portrait Prize and the Portia Geach Portrait prize. Unmistakably one of the finest realist oil painters of her generation, her works are held in private and corporate collections around the world. Ann’s work has also been published in a number of national and international magazines and she has participated in numerous solo and joint exhibitions.

Although influenced and guided by several professional artists, Morton is mainly self-taught. Travelling overseas allowed her to refine her style through extensive study of the European Masters. Morton will spend weeks refining a painting, ensuring that each new work attains the high standard set by her.

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