# Keith Rowe 2023 Exhibition

Artist Statement

Emotion and imagination are the driving forces behind my desire to make unique art.

I aim to develop works that are not reproducible, as a manufactured piece of glass can be made over and over again. My colours and forms are at times unusual, yet I hope refreshing. Abstract combinations allow for my personal critique on how I view of the world. I experience a joy and an uplifting sense of freedom for personal expression; the forms are a search to represent the depth of myself and my surroundings. There is a part of me that enjoys the surprises that occur when I am putting colour together and the murine glass blowing process allows me to be adventurous, showing the infinite combinations that are around me in the made and natural world.

I endeavour to create pieces that awaken an audience to their own imagination and emotions.

Keith Rowe
December 2023

EXHIBITION catalogue