Bill Hope – An Interior Life

Bill Hope – An Interior Life

Bill Hope is an emerging young talent from Sydney. Having established himself in the commercial illustration industry, Hope is turning his hand to a new body of fine art with Lost Bear Gallery.

Since graduating in 2012 from UNSW Art and Design, Hope has been represented by the best illustration agencies in Australia, working across a range of mediums.

His work pairs a classical sensibility with an enthusiastic embrace of the tools of contemporary illustration and design. While his subjects can be fantastical and whimsical in nature they are grounded in investigations into modern life and its absurdities.

Whether in digital prints or on paper, the drawn line remains Hope’s focus. His line weaves elaborate compositions together with humour and pathos to pin down the spirit of his subject.

His inaugural solo exhibition, ‘An Interior Life’, is a study of the minutiae of a relationship. Intensely personal, this body of work documents a day in the life of a young couple living with an inscrutable illness.