Graham Hallett – Exhibition of recent work

Graham Hallett – Exhibition of recent work

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I have been a practicing artist for the last forty years and for the greater part have lived in the upper Blue Mountains.

The unique character of this place has had a major influence on my work.

The landscape in art is an enduring and potent motif. The theme of the land and the sensation of its presence has been a constant in my practice.

Produced in the studio, these works stem from observation, sketch notes and imagination.

The forms of the land are shaped by time and the elements. They provide a visual vocabulary to draw upon, to tune and arrange as composition. Without being bound to portrayal of a particular place or scene, the image is its own world, a memory, an encounter.

Maintaining a concentrated focus and a clear mind allows a work to unfold with vitality and vibrance.

A completed painting then is an entity, a language of open exchange.

Graham Hallett