Herman Pekel – The Bush, Revisited

Herman Pekel – The Bush, Revisited

The Bush, Revisited is the aptly-named title for an exhibition of oil paintings by Melbourne-based artist Herman Pekel.

Pekel has been painting professionally for over 40 years and although he is particularly well known for his urban and city scenes, he is also renowned for his sensitive portrayals of the Australian landscape.

In 2019, Lost Bear Gallery hosted a bush-themed exhibition of Pekel landscapes, an exhibition simply titled The Bush. Twelve months on, and following the devastating bushfires over summer, this is an opportunity for us all to revisit the bush.

Pekel takes us on his journey with a masterful collection of paintings. Some are characterized with dramatic light, while others present our Blue Mountains and mountain streams with atmospheric beauty, reminding us of the peace and tranquility of nature.

Pekel is always experimenting and pushing boundaries with supreme confidence. He paints without inhibition and is not constrained by medium. Surprisingly, many paintings in this collection feature an unusual blending of charcoal with oily washes, perhaps a reverent acknowledgment of a charred landscape.