Keith Rowe 2018 Exhibition – Tulipa

Keith Rowe 2018 Exhibition – Tulipa

Colour is one of the back bones to my practice.

As I traverse my day, there is always inspiration in the streets and houses that I pass. One of the intriguing visions was a tulip. The shape and the colour has created a journey where I am exploring these forms with the complex feathering and flamed petals.

The Tulip has over the centuries invaded our lives through political, social, economic, religious and cultural traditions, this has shaped the environment we live in. That influence has moved designers, artists, decorators and craftspeople to change how we view the world and it would perhaps look a little different without them. The tulip has a history full of mysteries, dreams, disasters and triumph.

Through use of various glass making techniques, I am endeavouring to replicate those multi-coloured petals where the colours meld. The pieces are carved and buffed to achieve a satin like surface, giving light a chance to flow and play across the works. There is a journey and a story. The seeds have all the ingredients, as the buds develop into flowers and pods, all growing in the terrarium and finally to become the husks and return to the earth and begin the process again.

Keith Rowe
May 2018