Mountains & Metal Jewellers – Poetic Licence

Mountains & Metal Jewellers – Poetic Licence

The Mountains & Metals Jewellers warmly invite you to an exhibition of jewellery and objects inspired by poetry and other musings.

Val Aked

Valerie is a Gold and Silversmith who enjoys experimenting with various techniques such as Mokume-gane, fusing different metals and plique-a-jour transparent enamel. She loves working in series of theme based pieces, in this case inspired by the descriptive and evocative poetry of the Australian poet, Judith Wright. A member of the Gold and Silversmiths Guild, her pieces have been exhibited internationally and acquired by the Australian National Gallery, Canberra and the Power House Museum, Sydney.

Sondi’s Studios

Sondi did her Jewellery training for a year at Connecticut State College and over 8 years part time at WVH School for Silversmiths in Sydney. She traveled for specialist workshops, in Australia and Internationally. She taught at Enmore design Center for 5 years and had an artist in Residency at Sturt Craft Center for 4 months and also taught there.
She has had two solo exhibitions in Sydney and 45 group shows, and is in private and public collections. She has had continuous Studios in Wentworth Falls since 1985.

Jane Tadrist

Jane is an award winning, UK trained silversmith and jeweller with over ten years’ experience. She has been living in Australia for the past five years and the Blue Mountains for just over two. Her work encompasses jewellery, objects, therapeutic art making and large scale temporary community art projects. Jane’s art practice is an ongoing exploration of a sense of place and identity, often focusing on examining the commonplace from a different perspective.

For Poetic Licence Jane has chosen to playfully revisit silversmithing techniques to explore details within the journey of her favourite childhood poem The Owl and the Pussy-Cat by Edward Lear.

Bonny Hennessy

Bonny’s jewellery making interests include the use of a combination of metals, silver weaving and natural found objects such as branches cast in silver and then formed into jewellery. She is also influenced by ancient and ethnic jewellery and these influences are represented in her body of work.

Bonny has exhibited at the Botanic Gardens ‘Artisans in the Gardens’, the Coal Loader Artisan’s quarterly market and at venues in Sydney and the Central West of NSW.

Christina Mija

Megan Turton

Megan graduated from California Polytechnic State University in architecture. She loved the sculptural aspect of architecture and the time she spent in the wood and metal workshop. This making led her to jewellery and she hasn’t looked back. She’s been mentored by local jeweller Sondi and has been a graduate resident at SquarePeg studios in Sydney. When reflecting on the theme “Poetic Licence” Megan Turton immediately thought of her poet Grandfather. He used to read “Paradise Lost” to her when she was little and the lilting sound of her Grandfather’s voice and the beautiful illustrations of Gustave Dore have always been fond memories and inspiration bloomed.

Michael Ripoll

Michael has been a designer forever – designing everything from publications, exhibition displays, websites, stained glass windows, furniture, posters to packaging and jewellery. Lately, he has been experimenting with intricate paper and silver cutouts.

A chance request from a girlfriend got him started making jewellery. He studied with master silversmith Valerie Aked and attended masterclasses with – among other wonderful jewellers – Linda Darty, Carolyn Delzoppo, Keith Lo Bue and Thomas Mann.

Reading for this exhibition, Michael came across the inscription on TS Eliot’s grave: “In my beginning is my end. In my end is my beginning’ which obliquely led  him to Genesis and  stories of the Creation. In working to the theme, he has not attempted to illustrate the poetry but rather to simply respond to it, whatever the response.

Over the last few years, Michael has exhibited widely and continues to experiment in one-off wearable sculpture and large ever more intricate paper cutouts. His work is in many private collections in Australia and overseas.